Current Program Focus

Capacity Building

Maternity Waiting Areas (MWAs)

Village Health Partnership is currently working to construct Maternity Waiting Areas (MWAs) at select medical facilities. The purpose of MWAs is to provide women from rural areas, who need to travel long distances to get to a medical facility, with a safe place to stay before giving birth. 

Health Centers and Hospitals

During the hospital and health center assessments completed by VHP stakeholders, February-March 2016, it was determined that many facilities have an urgent need for water, electricity, rooms for labor and delivery, MWAs, and medical equipment and supplies. VHP is providing funding to assist in equipping these facilities to expand their capacity to provide medical care.

Healthcare Education & Training

Skill Building for Rural Healthcare Providers

From February-March 2016, VHP beta tested a model for educating and training healthcare providers in rural hospitals and health centers. 78 healthcare providers are now proficient in the American Academy of Pediatrics curriculum, “Helping Babies Breathe” (HBB). VHP plans to return to Ethiopia to train a core group of these providers who will in turn become trainers for other medical providers. If this model proves to be successful, VHP will expand the curriculum to include more specialized aspects of women’s health.

Advanced Skill Building for Nurse Midwives

Many nurse midwives in rural health centers require more in-depth skill building in basic emergency maternal and neonatal obstetric care (BEMNOC). Ethiopian medical providers conduct the training. VHP underwrites the cost and offers scholarships to midwives to attend the 3-week course.

Nurse Midwife Scholarships

Most rural healthcare facilities have an extreme shortage of nurse midwives. VHP is currently funding scholarships for five students from the Western Wollega Zone to attend a three-year nurse midwifery degree program at the Aira Hospital School of Nursing. In the future, we plan to expand this program in to ensure sustainability of maternal health initiatives. 

Treatment & Prevention

Screen, Transport and Treat (STT) Program

In collaboration with the Development and Social Services Committee (DASSC) and medical providers at Aira Hospital, VHP developed the STT Program to identify and treat women with gynecologic complications of childbirth. This program has been extremely effective and successful. More than 300 women have been treated to date.