Our Approach

DSC05569 (2)Development experts have shown, time and time again, that the only way development programs are successful and sustainable is if they have community buy-in. Therefore, every healthcare program that VHP invests in is community driven. Our leadership returns to Ethiopia annually to work with our local partners to perform deep needs assessments and develop programs that align local needs with global maternal healthcare efforts. Our healthcare priorities with these communities include:

Capacity Building: VHP works to ensure that rural medical facilities have the necessary capacity to provide skilled assistance at the time of delivery. This involves ensuring that facilities have water, electricity, buildings for labor and delivery and maternal healthcare, maternity waiting areas (MWAs), and equipment and supplies.

Education & Training: VHP works to ensure that Ethiopian healthcare professionals in rural hospitals and health centers have the clinical skills needed to provide appropriate maternal and neonatal healthcare.

Treatment & Prevention: VHP works to identify and treat women with gynecologic complications of childbirth. In the future, VHP plans to work with local communities to develop programs that will make pregnancy safer, including the identification and transport of high-risk pregnant women to medical facilities where they can receive emergency obstetric care, including cesarean section.