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​Safer Motherhood for All


Every day worldwide, women die from preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries where deep poverty prevents women from seeking, reaching, and receiving medical care. In the isolated areas of rural Ethiopia, the majority of women deliver alone at home without skilled medical assistance.

As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Ethiopia has one of the highest maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the world. What’s more, without access to medical care, women who survive delivery in these rural areas are often left with debilitating complications that destroy the quality of their lives and result in in social ostracism, depression, and economic hardship.

It is possible to change these statistics. The WHO has determined that skilled assistance at the time of delivery is the single most important intervention that can improve the outcome for pregnant women and newborns.

To this end, the Village Health Partnership (VHP) is working with the local communities to ensure that medical facilities and healthcare providers in rural Ethiopia are adequately prepared to provide appropriate medical assistance at the time of delivery. VHP also provides treatment for women who suffer from debilitating complications of childbirth.

Today, with your help, VHP is changing the lives of women in rural Ethiopia

– one mother at a time.

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