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Encouraging women to seek treatment is vital to overcoming barriers to safer motherhood.  In rural Ethiopia 78% of women do not seek medical care during pregnancy or for delivery because of local customs, fear of the outside world, and challenges faced when traveling to reach medical facilities. Unfortunately, when women in Ethiopia do not receive proper medical care during pregnancy and childbirth, they have a 50% chance of developing a debilitating and sometimes deadly complication.

The Screen, Transport and Treat (STT) Program was the first program implemented by Village Health Partnership. This program aims to reduce or remove all three barriers to maternal health that involve the decision to seek medical care, the ability to reach medical facilities, and the ability to receive adequate treatment.

Through the STT Program, our partners travel to rural communities where they identify women suffering from these complications and arrange for their and transportation to the nearest health facility where they undergo surgical treatment. VHP underwrites the entire cost of this program. 

To date, Village Health Partnership's Screen, Transport, and Treat  program has 
improved the lives of hundreds of women, their children, families and communities!

20% of women with fistula are not allowed to eat meals with their families

“The women VHP [have] treated...can now live at home with their families, go to market, and carry on normal lives again. For them, the Screen, Transport and Treat program has been a miracle."


Dugassa Beyene, Director of Development and Social Services Commission (DASSC)

Women waiting to be screened at a community gathering.

Before meeting VHP, Waktole and her family were forced to sell many of their possessions to afford medical care

Pregnant women waiting for their checkups. Since VHP started the STTP, more women try to prevent the complications.